14 Trading Insights from Elliott Wave International

The following article on the page below provides 14 trading insights is from Elliot Wave International. The article briefly describes some of the benefits of Elliott Wave theory and how chart patterns can be used for forecasting.

Stock forecasting can provide many benefits, as described below, including helping to determine where to set stops (for both losses and profit targets), and, entry and exit points for trade setups before they occur.

In addition to the introductory article below, they are providing a 45 page ebook that details these insights further, for a limited time. I hope you take advantage of this free resource and are able to benefit from the material in your own trading as others have.

14 Elliott Wave Trading Insights You Can Use Now
Triangles offer an important piece of forecasting information
May 14, 2012

By Elliott Wave International

There's no shortage of books about trading these days, and you could read for months before you come across one that might apply to your trading style.

The free 45-page eBook The Best of Trader's Classroom is specifically for Elliott wave traders and saves you time in getting the knowledge you want.

It's written by Elliott wave trader Jeffrey Kennedy: he had individuals like you in mind when he said

I began my career as a small trader, so I know firsthand how hard it can be to get simple explanations of methods that consistently work. In more than 15 years as an analyst since my early trading days, I've learned many lessons, and I don't think that they should have to be learned the hard way.

The Best of Trader's Classroom offers 14 trading insights that you can use now.

Consider these examples of what you'll learn:

  • Use bar patterns to spot trading setups
  • Use the Wave Principle to set protective stops
  • Identify Fibonacci retracements
  • Apply Fibonacci ratios to real-world trading

Jeffrey also discusses corrective patterns which includes the triangle formation. Here's an edited eBook excerpt:

Triangles are probably the easiest corrective wave pattern to identify, because prices simply trade sideways during these periods. [The graphic below] shows the different shapes triangles can take.

....triangles offer an important piece of forecasting information -- they only occur just prior to the final wave of a sequence. This is why triangles are strictly limited to the wave four, B or X positions. In other words, if you run into a triangle, you know the train is coming into the station.

14 trading insights

Jeffrey goes on to provide three real world examples of the triangle price pattern. Here's one of them with his accompanying commentary.

contracting triangle

[The chart above] shows a slight variation of a contracting triangle, called a running triangle. A running triangle occurs when wave B makes a new extreme beyond the origin of wave A. This type of corrective wave pattern occurs frequently in commodities.

Learn more about the 14 trading insights that Jeffrey Kennedy presents in The Best of Trader's Classroom.

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