1929-1932 Stock Chart of the Great Depression Era

The 1929-1932 stock chart on the page below, is a continuation of a series of pages with various charts from the Great Depression era of the early 1900's.

The previous charts that go along with this series that immediately precedes this page can be found here: 1929-1930 Stock Charts. If you haven't looked at these prior charts, you may want to before reading below to get the full impact of the total decline that occurred. The introductory page to this series can be found here: Great Depression Stock Chart Series.

The last chart on the previous post ended by showing a 59 percent decline in value of the DJIA through the end of December 1930 just above 150. As you can see on the 1929-1932 stock chart shown below, the decline was no where near over:

1929-1932 Stock Chart
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The prior chart ended just above the 150 price level, and as you can see, the decline continued for another year and a half to a low near 40 in mid 1932.

Notice that the total decline from the peak in September of 1929 on the stock chart to the low shown above was now a devastating 90 percent loss in value.

What may be more important to recognize, is that during the whole decline shown above, you can almost be sure that many people were saying that it couldn't get any worse and that the "recession was over". Look what happened.

From the high near 300 in April of 1930, to the low near 40 in 1932 was an 86 percent decline when everyone thought the "worst was over".

For a look at what happened over the next few years, keep reading on the next page 1928-1954 Stock Chart:

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