2010 US Bank Failures

Here is a final chart of 2010 US bank failures as well as a historical bank failure chart going back to the mid-1930's.

I wanted to take a look at how the number of bank failures have occurred in 2010 in comparison to historical times. The data I've used has been taken from the FDIC's website here: FDIC U.S. Bank Failure Data

In the charts below, I've included banking institutions that have required major financial assistance as well as complete failures on the charts below. (year end update: in 2010, all of the bank's listed on my chart below were actual failures. There were no "major assistance transactions" in the 157 total for 2010).

The first chart below displays U.S. bank failures going back to 1934, which was as far back as the FDIC data went. Each bar is one year in this chart.

Historical US Bank Failures thru 2010

The next chart below displays data for 2009 and 2010 only, with each bar representing one month.

2010 US Bank Failures

It's interesting to see that even as the stock market as a whole has rebounded tremendously from the March 2009 lows, the number bank failures have continued to grow and remain well above normal.

I don't know how long this can continue without the possibility of bringing back fear in the market. With each bank that fails, the FDIC has to put additional funds to use and potentially increase the premiums the remaining banks have to pay for insurance.

Here's a link back to the page I added last year on 2009 US bank Failures.

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