Applying Stock Trading Techniques Living Outside the US

One question that gets submitted every year is about applying stock trading techniques living outside the US.

Specifically, questions are submitted asking whether or not the trading examples, lessons and general articles as well as courses and free training ebooks can be put to use for traders who live across the world in countries such as: India, Australia, China, etc.


I'd say the answer in most, if not all cases is "yes", non-U.S. residents can still get something out of everything provided at Online Stock Trading Guide. When I post articles and free ebook material, I do my best to make sure they can be of use to as many people as possible which means trying to to aim them towards a limited audience.

For example, we frequently write about (and offer a link to upon newsletter subscription sign up) a Technical Analysis ebook available to our readers. This ebook discusses technical analysis topics such as: Elliott Wave, MACD, Fibonacci, trendlines, channels and setting protective stops. All of these concepts can be applied to charts no matter what country you reside in.

In the Technical Analysis ebook example, the only limitation is that I find that technical analysis usually works best above a minimum volume level. This has nothing directly to do with the country you live in though, only the specific stocks or trading instrument itself.

So, if you are wondering about applying stock trading techniques living outside the US, don't worry. Remember that knowledge learned from your stock trading educational experience will help provide you with the insight to be able to make sound decisions on your own in the future.

It's really no different than anything you learn. In most cases, with the exception of information overload, the more the better off you'll be.

Even if you you come to the conclusion that stock trading is not for you, it'll be much easier coming to that conclusion with the right knowledge ahead of time rather than finding out, out of necessity.

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