Chart of the Day - 12/03/2010 - NonFarm Payrolls


The jobs trend is up (for the moment), but with the flat-lining appearance on the chart over the last few months, for how long? What do you think? Will the next directional move in the chart above be up, or will job losses increase into 2011?

Today, the Labor Department reported that nonfarm payrolls (jobs) increased by 39,000 in November, 2010. Today's chart puts the latest data into perspective by comparing nonfarm payrolls following the the end of the latest economic recession (i.e. the Great Recession -- solid red line) to that of the prior recession (i.e. 2001 recession -- dashed gold line) to that of the average post-recession from 1954-2000 (dashed blue line).

As today's chart illustrates, the current jobs recovery is much weaker than the average jobs recovery that follows the end of a recession. Today's chart also illustrates that the current jobs recovery is following a path that is similar although slightly stronger than what occurred following the recession of 2001. Another important point is that over the past 11 months (i.e. since the beginning of 2010) the trend in jobs is up -- slightly.

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Chart of the Day Non-farm Payrolls 12/03/2010

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