Conquer the Crash Book Review

Conquer The Crash is Robert Prechter Jr.'s N.Y. Times and Wall Street Journal Business best selling book that was originally written in 2002.

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I purchased my first copy of this book back in early 2007. At the time I was receiving free information from Elliott Wave International by email on a regular basis.

I decided to purchase this book and wound up putting it on my bookshelf with other books that I own and eventually forgot about it.

Also like some of the other books I own, I never got around to reading this one until the middle of this year in 2008. What a mistake that was. Not reading it earlier, that is.

Even though this book was written in 2002, I found myself reading along and feeling like I was a live character in the book and it was playing out in real time. Almost everything, if not everything, that is explained in this book has happened since it was written in 2002 or is happening today in 2008.

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Mr. Prechter does a great job providing details and explanations to back up his theories and his stance on economic occurrences that have happened in the past and had not yet happened while he was writing Conquer The Crash.

I have to tell you that by the time I was two thirds of the way through the book, I ordered my father a copy so he could read it as well. That's how good I felt about the way the book is written, the importance of the information it contains and the details it provides.

Conquer The Crash starts out by giving details about past "New Economy Era's" and what happened to all of them afterwards. In the next few sections the author provides information about an economic Depression; when and how to predict market patterns and turns using past history as examples; where the market is today in relation to past market movements and various degrees of market cycles; determining market valuations relative to previous periods in history; and public psychology and how it is different at specific points in market cycles.

After reading all of these sections and finding stunning similarities to what has actually occurred since Conquer The Crash was written, Mr. Prechter then goes into making his case for the coming deflationary period. Mr. Prechter gives great information on money, credit and the federal reserve banking system, writing what has happened in the past and what he feels will happen again. Finally, he provides support to the fact that the Fed will try everything in their power to stop Deflation, using "all the tools in their powers", without success.

Conquer the Crash Book

All of this information is just the first half of the book. The second half of the book provides information on How to Protect Yourself and Profit From Deflation and Depression.

Topics such as Bonds, Real Estate, Collectibles, Cash, Bank Safety, Commodities, Speculative Stock Investing, Gold, Insurance, Annuities and other Do's and Don'ts to know about are discussed.

Conquer The Crash concludes with some information about where to look and invest at the bottom of a Deflationary Crash and Depression. You will also have access to updates made as the current cycle continues, and when you order now, you will get 2009 updates on a CD to keep you current.

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