Crude Oil Outlook and Analysis- Market Club 06/12/2009


Market Club released this Crude Oil outlook video with details of the current chart pattern that has formed and what they expect to happen in the near and longer term.

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The video shows how they use different types of Technical Analysis including their Trade Triangle technology applied to the Crude Oil Futures Contract. The information provided below and in the free video, expresses their opinion based on the analysis.

Crude Oil - The New World Currency

Today weíre taking a look into the crude oil (NYMEX_CL) market. This market has rapidly become the world currency of choice for many countries. What do I mean by that? With the dollar going down in value, it automatically pushes the value of crude oil higher.

I analyze the July electronic contract for crude oil (NYMEX_CLN09.E) using some very simple tools that you can pull into your own trading. Iíve used our Fibonacci measurement tool as well as a classic chart pattern that has been around for over half a century.

Crude Oil Outlook Video

So take a few minutes and see what the crude oil buzz is all about and if itís really is going to go to a $100 a barrel.
Watch the Free Crude Oil Outlook Video Here:

The video is free to watch and there is no need to register.

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