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Here's a Death Cross follow up article and video after the recent move higher in the markets since we originally brought this to attention last week.

One thing that's hard to keep in mind for some, is that if one's view of the larger trend is down, any moves higher can alter our original perspective and many times trick us into thinking the worst is over.

This happens in uptrends and downtrends. In a downtrend, these moves higher are the exact times when we should be looking for opportunities to enter new short positions.

Here's Market Club's follow up to our original post about the Death Cross:

Did the "Death Cross" die, or is it still live in the S&P 500?

The Death Cross

The sharp upward rally in the S&P 500 surprised many people, myself included. However, the rally did not change the "Death Cross" which we pointed out as being a negative and significant market event that does not occur very often.

This market's rally also did not change our weekly and monthly "Trade Triangles" which are still red and indicating that the trend is headed lower.

In this short two minute video, I show you some other aspects of the S&P 500 that I think you should be watching.

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