Disaster Building for Bond Holders?

Could the next disaster be quielty building for bond holders while everyone's attention is elsewhere in the markets?

Since the March 2009 low's in the markets, many people have forgotten how it felt during the October, 2007 thru March, 2009 decline.

With this month being 3 years since that decline began, and the markets up tremendously since March, 2009, many people aren't worried about anything at all.

When is the time to worry though? Or is any time the time to worry at all? Maybe planning ahead can take the place of worry.

If you have a good investment strategy, or have decided to get one since going through the previous painful decline, you probably have learned to be aware of possibilities before they happen.

The free report below will help you to learn about a new potential disaster building for bond holders which you may have previoulsy not thought of.

Announcements: Robert Prechter and the folks over at Elliott Wave International have just released an urgent new report for bond holders and mutual fund investors. Prechter's report, The Next Major Disaster Developing for Bond Holders, is the first of its kind from EWI. Never before has the world's largest technical analysis firm published such extensive research and analysis on bonds for non-paying readers. This is a unique opportunity to see what Prechter's subscribers see, and protect your investments without committing to a paid subscription. Learn more about Prechter's 10-page report on the developing risks in bonds now -- it's yours for free.

Disaster building for bond holders

Greetings investor,

If you have money in mutual funds, Treasury bonds, municipal bonds or high-yield bonds, Robert Prechter has just issued a crystal-clear warning for you: Your money could be at risk.

Prechter, the famed market forecaster who specializes in Elliott wave analysis, sent similar warnings about the Nasdaq in 2000, real estate in 2006, the blue chips in 2007 and commodities in 2008. His forecasts proved deadly accurate.

In trademark fashion, Prechter now has his readers focused on something most mainstream investors, analysts and advisors are taking for granted: the safety and stability of the bond market.

Why worry about the safety of bonds, you ask? A recent USA Today article reported that investors put a "record-shattering" net $376 billion into bond mutual funds in 2009, and individual investors and mutual funds are "still showing the love" in 2010.

After such explosive growth, Prechter says bond investors have been pushed to the edge of a mile-high cliff. Millions of investors are just one step away from tumbling over the edge.

If your hard-earned savings are exposed to the developing risks in these markets, you owe it to yourself to heed Prechter's urgent warning.

Download your free copy of Robert Prechter's new 10-page report, The Next Major Disaster Developing for Bond Holders, now -- it's free.

About the Publisher, Elliott Wave International

Founded in 1979 by Robert R. Prechter Jr., Elliott Wave International (EWI) is the world's largest market forecasting firm. Its staff of full-time analysts provides 24-hour-a-day market analysis to institutional and private investors around the world.

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