Diversification With Profitable Results

Today I'm adding an article about diversification (with profitable results) as a follow up to yesterday's article which sadly was about the complete opposite extreme, no diversification at all and not to put all of your eggs in one basket.

After yesterday's article, I wanted to make sure people understand that just because you diversify, doesn't mean everything will be alright, all the time. If it did, everyone would be doing it.

This contributed article provides some insight into this topic, and also a valuable free report available for a limited time with details on a specific portfolio that has worked, and still is working to produce profits.

The report is available for free, and provides an example based on a diversified portfolio as compared to one using the same exact markets, with added guidelines for when to buy and when to sell. You'll find out that there's a big difference in what I would call, a "managed diversified portfolio".

Find out how Wall Street has sold the myth of safety in diversification for years to unsuspecting investors everywhere.

Diversification for Profits

Now you can learn from this timely 10 page report that exposes the myth of diversification and how it has cost investor billions of dollars and why it doesn't work anymore. You will also learn how diversification can cripple your financial future if you do it the Wall Street way.

This Is Not About Derivatives
Before I go any further, we are not talking about exotic derivatives, the kind that tanked the economy and sent a financial tsunami through Wall Street. No, we're talking about the major markets, mainstream shares, the kind of shares you hear and read about every day. You may even own some of these shares in your retirement portfolio right now. These products have been heavily promoted by the Wall Street crowd because that's what Wall Street does best, they promote and sell products. That's how they make their money.

We Have A Solution
In this in-depth report on diversification, you will learn how one simple adjustment can easily open up the money spigots and turn the tables on Wall Street. We also share with you a taboo secret that Wall Street doesn't want you to know about. This one secret can cost Wall Street millions in lost fees, and we all know Wall Street hates to lose out on fees. This one simple adjustment suggested in the report can put your account in the black faster than you can go to our website. This new solution, which we fully reveal, can turn your retirement account into the financial powerhouse that it deserves to be.

A Non Wall Street Portfolio
Also included in the report is a model portfolio that proves that diversification can work when it's done the right way. Using the Wall Street method of diversification you would have lost close to 30% of your money! In the "Global Strategy Portfolio" included in the report, you would have made a 23% return on your money during the exact same timeframe. That's an over 50% swing in just 30 short months. In the report we show you not only how to achieve these results, but we also share the rules that you need to follow in order to get the exact same results in half the time, with less risk. The blueprint for our model "Global Strategy Portfolio" is fully explained in clear, everyday, non Wall Street language.

What Is The Cost?
You may be wondering how much this eye-opening report on diversification going to cost. That's a good question. If you do nothing and don't download this special report, it could cost you thousands of dollars in losses in your portfolio over the next few months. However, if you click on the link or image below, the report is free of charge along with our "Global Strategy Portfolio." All of this information comes courtesy of MarketClub.com,* a leader in online research and education serving investors for over 15 years. Grab your copy today and start building a profitable trading strategy.


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