Elliott Wave and Options Strategies

The latest offer being released on Elliott Wave and Options Strategies, is from our friends over at Elliott Wave International and includes their $79-value, 42-page ebook for options traders for free download.

The new ebook is titled: How to Use the Elliott Wave Principle to Improve Your Options Trading Strategies -- Vertical Spreads, normally sells in EWI's online store for $79, is available for free, exclusively to our readers here, for a limited time.

The ebook is designed to help you exploit sharp price movement with powerful vertical spread trading strategies, including: Bull Call Spread, Bear Put Spread, Bear Call Ladder, Bull Put Ladder and more. This valuable ebook belongs in any serious trader's library.

Elliott Wave and Options Strategies

The ebook is broken down into several sections including:

  • Bull Call Spread and Bear Put Spread
  • Bull Call Ladder and Bear Put Ladder
  • Ratio Call Spread and Ratio Put Spread
  • Bear Call Ladder and Bull Put Ladder
  • Call Ratio Backspread and Put Ratio Backspread
  • Questions and Answers

The ebook takes a look at these different Options Trading Strategies and how the Elliott Wave Principle can help in terms of determining Strike prices, expirations and managing positions using these strategies from start to finish.

Don't worry if you're not sure about the definition of each of these strategies, the ebook begins each section with basic definitions to get you started.

If you do better by learning from visual examples, you won't be disappointed. There are multiple chart examples tied in to each section with clear and concise Elliott Wave representaions on each.

Grab you free 42 page ebook copy of How to Use the Elliott Wave Principle to Improve Your Options Trading Strategies -- Vertical Spreads today, before this offer expires.

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