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Having access to the Elliott Wave Financial Forecast Service from Elliott Wave International may be the single most important investment you'll ever make! How can I say this you ask? The answer is quite simple, because of my personal experience as a very satisfied subscriber. If you are serious about staying ahead of the markets and increasing your chances of having profitable trades, read on...

From the start, let me tell you that the Elliott Wave Financial Forecast Service is actually three (3) subscription services grouped into one. Between the three services, traders and investors can keep up with market forecasting at three different levels or time frames. Think about the edge you will have knowing the potential trend continuation or reversal forecasted into the future. Here's some brief information on each of the three subscription services:

  • The Short Term Update (Monday-Wednesday-Friday)
    This service provides expert analysis and forecasting with charts and commentary three times per week. The information you receive will help provide insight on short term market trends and specific price levels to watch for possible reversals.

    The markets covered in this near term direction forecasting service include: DOW, NASDAQ, S&P, Bonds, Gold, Silver, the U.S. Dollar and will sometimes include specific trading alerts such as on a specific stock.

    Imagine being able to know whether the markets are expected to move higher or lower, before you place a trade. For the intraday or swing trader, this service is invaluable. You can easily re-coup the cost of the service in one trade alone, probably many times over.
  • The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast (Monthly)
    This service provides insight into intermediate term market analysis and forecasts. It includes commentary on current and projected cultural and social trends that are expected to effect future movements in the markets.

    For the Swing Trader or Intermediate term Investor, knowing when to be in and when to be out of the market could save you thousands of dollars in potential losses while helping to maximize your profits.

    Just as with the Short Term Update Service above, knowing where the markets are forecasted to be in the next few weeks or months before you enter a trade is another invaluable service.
  • The Elliott Wave Theorist (Monthly)
    Every month, and sometimes more frequently with special updates, this service provides insight into the big picture of the broader market using the Elliott Wave Theory. It provides information as to where the market currently is in the existing larger cycle as well as why and when changes are forecasted to occur.

    This service provides psychological and sociological developments in the markets and how they can and will effect everyone, including traders, investors, business owners and the world population in general.

I can tell you from my own experience being a subscriber to the Elliott Wave Financial Forecast Service, that this service is like having your own risk management team working for you. While no opinions nor forecasting can be right all of the time, having access to reports like these from people who do this day in and day out will lower your risk in each and every trade if you use the information properly.

Think about it, if you were considering opening any long positions for a short term trade and then you received your Short Term Update that forecasted the markets were going to reverse any day, this information alone could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars that you otherwise would not have had.

Here is an example of a special alert periodically included with a Short Term Update subscription. This was included in a November 2008 issue from "Steve Hochberg's Financial Forecast Short Term Update Service from Elliott Wave International, chart reprinted with permission." In this issue, Steve Hochberg forecasted Google (GOOG) to move lower into the $265-$270 area short term.

Elliott Wave Image-GOOG

And this is my follow up chart (not from Elliott Wave International) showing where GOOG actually went within a few weeks after the above chart. You can see that it did in fact move down to the previously forecasted level, a 24%-26% move lower.

GOOG Image

Next is a chart of the S&P also from the same November 2008 issue from "Steve Hochberg's Financial Forecast Short Term Update Service from Elliott Wave International, chart reprinted with permission". You can see how the specific waves are labeled with future forecasted directions indicated on the chart itself.

Elliott Wave Image

I am not including a chart where the S&P is now, but I can tell you that as I write this in February 2009 the S&P is trading around 700.

One of the benefits I have found useful from being a subscriber to the Elliott Wave Financial Forecast Service is that you can combine the information from the Short Term Update with the Intermediate and Long Term services and lower your risk even further by trading with short term and long term trends combined.

Each of the issues you receive comes with charts, analysis and commentary that all traders and investors will find useful. By adding these tools to your trading arsenal and using them properly, you will be able to greatly increase your chance of becoming a successful trader or investor.

When you become a subscriber to the Elliott Wave Financial Forecast Service you also get two of Robert Prechter's best selling books, "The Elliott Wave Principle" and "Conquer the Crash", access to Elliott Wave tutorials, Q&A message board, multimedia files and other free educational tools.

Find out more details about this special offer including their 30 day risk free guarantee and how you can sign up today: Elliott Wave Financial Forecast Service.

Note: We do not receive any free or complimentary products or services in exchange for providing the above review. We may however, receive a monetary compensation for any products or services you may purchase or subscribe to as a result of this article. Our long time readers know that we would not be providing this article if we did not feel it may be helpful to some of our readers.

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