Using Fibonacci Retracements in Trading - Video Lesson

Learning how to use Fibonacci Retracements in trading is another method of Technical Analysis that can help improve ones trading results, if used properly.

Looking back, I would say that I personally traded for several years without taking advantage of this concept in my own trading. Once I started to incorporate it into my trade ideas and analysis, it helped out in identifying potential entry and exit price levels.

The information and video lesson below is contributed by Market Club, was recorded during July, 2010 and gives some good examples to help get you started. Enjoy the video.

How To Use Fibonacci Retracements

We have had a number of requests to do a video on Fibonacci Retracements and how they can be used in trading.

Fibonacci Retracements in Trading

I put together this five minute lesson on Fibonacci trading and how I use this important tool to determine turning points in the market. Like all tools, it has its flaws and should be used with other complementary tools like our "Trade Triangle" technology.

As always, our videos are free to watch and there are no registration requirements. I hope you have the time to comment and share if this video helped you understand this important trading tool, or how you're already using it.

Watch your free Fibonacci video lesson here:

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