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On a quest for free stock trading online? You've wound up on this page, so you're probably at least a little interested...

Rather than going from broker to broker, taking advantage of special promotions here and discount offers there, find out what it really takes to get those free or low cost comissions being advertised, ahead of time.

Many discount brokers have promotional offers set up so that if you meet specific requirements (the small print), you can either get free or deeply discounted commissions.

One of these brokers that continues to offer zero cost commsions is Zecco. You can trade stocks for free through, the Free Trading Community, as a good example.

The last time I checked recently, in order to qualify you either had to maintain a $25,000 minimum account balance or have 25 executed trades in a month, otherwise it'll cost you $4.50 per trade with them. Even at $4.50, that's still a good deal. Although it depends on what features you'll need also.

You can open a cash account with no minum balance requirement or a margin account with a $2,000 minimum. Just keep in mind that you'll have to have 25 executed trades in a month if you're planning on trying to qualify for the free trades having a low balance.

Another company where you can have access to free stock trading online and get 100 Commission-Free Trades is over at! Here's what some of their "small print" says about the offer:

This limited time promotion they're offering is for "new customers which are eligible for this special offer after opening a new OptionsHouse account with a minimum of $3,000. You must apply for the commission-free trade offer by inputting promotion code FREE100 when opening the account. New accounts receive 100 commission free trades for stock or option trades executed within 60 days of funding the new account. You will not receive cash compensation for any unused free trade commissions."

Even if you don't qualify here (which many people should be able to), prices are a low $2.95 per stock trade. Be sure to check with each broker if you plan on trading low priced stocks, as sometimes there are additional fees per share to trade them.

There's always the option of free stock trading online via a simulated trading acct. at WallStreetSurvivor.

You'll be able to research ideas, learn strategies, place trades and see the results in a simulation with actual stock prices.

"Learn the stock market and win iPads, Amazon Gift cards and cash! Click Here to sign up for your free simulated trading account today:"

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