Gold Investing Commentary, Analysis, Forecasting

Gold investing is always a hot topic among long term investors as well as short term traders alike. After all, Gold has long been considered a "Safe Haven" to many people, but there is a lot more to learn about Gold when it comes to using your hard earned cash as an investment.

The Gold Investing pages on this website contain my own commentary as well as various authors commentary relating to Gold.

Commentary will include opinions on short term moves for traders, longer term moves for investors and historical analysis to expand your knowledge and form a background.

When doing research on any particular investment and reading commentary from various authors, remember that each of us has our own opinion, and what you are reading is just that, our opinions.

I do my best to include posts relating to Gold investing that provide value to various types of traders and investors and I welcome new authors to contact me if you would like your commentary included as well.

What each author tries to do is explain his/her position in each posting and help enable you to make a sound decision using your own judgement. In the long run, finding commentary that is right, more often that wrong, will help you to narrow down your reading on each specific topic, in this case Gold, and produce profitable returns on your investments.

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