Gold Trading Online

At current price levels, gold trading online has gotten loads of attention lately. Check out my recent article on Mania In Gold? to see what I mean, if you don't already know.

If you haven't already profited from the near vertical moves in Gold prices recently, it may be a good time to do some research first and think about holding some cash, before deciding to start trading now.

There are many things that can move price in this particular market, including things such as: strengthening and weakening of currencies, inflation, deflation, jobs reports, an implied "flight to safety" and various others.

There's no one trigger that will be 100% correct all the time, which is why doing some research and testing is always a wise thing to do, especially when thinking about trading metals.

Gold Trading Online

There are different ways to participate in price movements in Gold trading online, some of them are: ETF's such as GLD, Futures instruments, major mining stocks such as BHP, minor mining stocks, exploration only stocks, stocks of companies producing tools for Gold mining, etc.

Using ETF's, you'll be able to buy one's like GLD if you're bullish, or you can also short GLD if you're bearish. If you decide to use Futures instead, you'll have access to price movements as they are occurring almost 24 hours a day.

Futures trading is another whole topic that I don't usually discuss here on the site. Futures trading involves additional risks and you can make or lose money potentially even faster than with stock trading, so be careful if you choose this route.

A great free resource to learn about gold trading is Elliott Wave International's free 40 page Gold and Silver eBook. In the eBook, you'll learn about both trading in precious metals themselves, as well as how you can apply Elliott Wave analysis in your research. Plus, it's free!

Whatever you decide to do and as with any other investing decisions, be sure to do some research and learn about what you're getting into first, before pulling the trigger.

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