Has Anybody Made Money With MarketClub

You may be wondering "Has anybody made money with MarketClub" and I'm going to provide an example of how you could have, based on a past trading simulation I previously performed and wrote about.

First, I want to let you know that I was browsing the comments over on one of their recent articles and a commentor asked exactly that.

It's actually a fair question, as I feel that anything that requires a financial investment should have some sort of return and provide value to you ("some sort of return" could be considered providing value, not just profits). I'm afraid though, that most people are only looking to make a quick buck and miss out on what's available to them.

I've read reports in the past that gave examples of a group of traders and all five traders were given the same information about a particular stock to trade. After reviewing the outcomes of each trader, the results were all different. Some lost money, some made money and some never took the trade at all.

Has anybody made money with MarketClub

When someone ask's the type of question like "Has anybody ever made money with (whomever)...?", they're assuming the "anybody" are all alike and would get the same results (in their mind). That's clearly not the case at all.

Just because other people make money with specific tools, information or trading system, doesn't mean all of us will.

A better question to ask (and to ask yourself the question), would be "With the tools and information provided by this service/subscription, can I put them to use in a trading plan that suits my personality and time that I have available?".

As an example, I subscribed to a service in the past that gave some of the best analysis I've seen. It was interesting, informative and easily understood by me. I took the information I was provided and based my trading decisions on it PLUS my own thinking to fit me. This meant that I didn't always necessarily agree with the information provided so I didn't always make the same trades as they would have, or other subscribers.

Yes, my results were not going to match the service providers track record, but I wasn't paying a money manager to handle my trades to begin with. I subscribed to a service that provided me information that I enjoyed and was able to pull some value out of it, many times the cost of the actual service itself.

Back to MarketClub..... their subscription service provides tools and information which is up to each individual subscriber as to whether or not they can convert that into personal value and eventually help to improve one's trading or investing. I've read personal stories of people who have had success with MarketClub for short term trading, long term trading and even to help improve Options trading.

Here's an example of how "anybody" could have made money with MarketClub with details in a trading simulation I ran using DELL back in August, 2010: Market Club Trading Simulation - Dell - 08/2010 and then a follow up article on the simulation: Market Club Simultion - Winning Percentage vs. Losers.

I took the simulation a step further so readers would realize that I didn't just pick a lucky example...... a few months later I followed up with continued results from the simulation where anybody could have made money using MarketClub: Market Club Simulation - Dell- 11/2010

I could go on and on with providing examples of how to make money with MarketClub but then you'd wind up paying me for a subscription service (which I don't currently offer). Part of making a subscription service work and be valuable to you is to find the time to make an attempt at putting the tools and information provided to use. Withou making an attempt, it's probably fair to say that it wouldn't work for you.

At the time of this writing, MarketClub is offering a 30 day trial for only $8.95. While I don't necessarily think 30 days is always long enough to see the maximun value from a subscription service, with an honest effort, you should be able to see some of the benefits while risking only $8.95.

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