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Hot stocks to buy for individual traders and investors are those that typically show up on most active lists, top percentage gainers lists, etc.

These are also stocks that bring along excitement! Since emotions are a major part of trading and excitement is a strong emotion, the attraction to hot stocks to buy for many becomes even greater.

Should you jump on the bandwagon though? After all, if a stock is on many lists across the internet attracting attention, it's obviously already made it's potential move. To make things more difficult though, this is not always the case!

There are many momentum traders who specifically seek out individual stocks that are making new highs, breaking out of a trading range, have a larger than normal percentage gain, and various other potential signals which meet their requirements for stock selection.

In the end, whether or not to seek out hot stocks to buy will have to be a decision each of us makes on our own. If you decide this is the way to go for you and your trading plan, go for it. Be sure to do some testing/trading simulation first, to see if this type of trading suits you.

I've listed some examples of where to find these types of stocks below. This is not a complete list, nor will these suit everyone's needs, but it can be a good starting point to build upon.

Hot Stocks to Buy - Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance: if you go to Yahoo Finance and look down in the left column, you'll find a section called Market Movers.

At the top of this section are stocks moving based on the number of times a stock appears in the news.

Below those are section links that will take you to market moving stocks such as most active; most price % change; industries on the move; and unusual trading volume. These are all good places to get started.

Check out Yahoo Finance here:

Market Club: Using Market Club's Smart Scan, you can filter out hot stocks to research and buy based on what you consider to be hot using some of their pre-set scans. You can then combine the results with their Trade Triangles and decide whether to buy or not. Find out more about Market Club here:.

Hot Stocks to Buy - Market Club

Being a scalper for many years, I've found that looking for, researching and trading hot stocks has worked well with my own trading plan. Whether you are scalping, day trading or swing trading, finding hot stocks to buy is one method you may want to consider looking into further and testing out.

Tip: Always be prepared for one of these types of stocks to be at or near an end to it's current trend and a potential reversal. Often hype and volatilty becomes increased as a reversal begins. Be prepared by having a stop loss method in place.

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