How To Buy Stocks Online

You'll have to learn how to buy stocks online if you want to begin stock trading and/or investing AND have some sort of control over your account.

Years ago, you would have to either physically go into a brokerage firms office or call them on the telephone and ask them to place an order for you.

While you can still do that if you'd like, this article is about a more hands on type of approach.

In today's world with widespread internet access availablity, once you have an account set up, you can go online and place an order at any time of day, monitor your positions and close them out when you choose to do so yourself.

Before you start doing this though, you'll want to learn about the whole process first, which is why you're probably reading this. That's great!

Prior to making any investments for the first time, you may want to open a simulated trading account to test things out first. You can set up a free simulated trading account here:, or read about this type of account on another article I've written here: Wall Street Survivor Review.

With the simulated trading account you'll be able to see how orders are placed, positions are monitored, positions are closed out and get practice using different charts and research methods.

I have articles on the site here about different stock charts to read up on and get started also.

You'll also want to open up an online brokerage account. Most people choose one with low costs to get started, and as they advance and require more features, then move to another broker to suit their needs.

A common broker many people choose to get started is Zecco. They offer low cost commissions, easy to use trading tools, and low to zero opening balance requirements, depending on the type of account.

One of the first things you'll need to learn about is placing an order. Once an order is filled, knowing how to manage the order so you can get out of the position when you want will be necessary as well.

Even before placing your first trade though, you'll want to learn about position sizing and stock trading risk management techniques to help prevent catastrophic losses.

Have I lost you yet? Too much to think about? These are all things (and only some fo them) that you'll need to learn at one point or another for how to buy stocks online. Many people start trading and learn along the way, which is another option, but usually costs a little more due to costs associated with trial and error.

Here's a summary of things to learn to get started when interested in learning how to buy stocks online: 1) risk management 2) position sizing, 3) simulated trading for practice, 4) opening a brokerage account, 5) steps to place a trade 6) managing an open position, and 7) closing out a position.

If you have any questions getting started, feel free to send them in using my contact form and I'll do my best to help out where I can.

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