Learning to Feel Elliott Waves

The article below on learning to feel Elliott Waves is a contributed article from Elliott Wave International.

Before anyone puts their blinders on in doubt, give me a chance and let me express my opinion here first.

Right away when I read this article I realized that many people would say "yeah, right, how can you feel Elliott Waves?", hence my defensive opening statements...

The article below does a good job explaining what they mean here and I understood when I was finished reading, but I also have had my own similar experience that I'd like to share.

My experience is not Elliott Wave related but it is "feeling" something to get a better understanding related. You see, I grew up listening to rock music and heavy metal music. I listened to a lot of music when I was younger. Over the years I started listening to all different types of music, even classical at times. My family and friends were always asking me why I was listening to different types of music.

Over the years I realized that I really love music. I realized this once I found myself "feeling" the music as it was playing. I still do to this day.

Years later while my son was learning to play the electric guitar, I told him to close his eyes while he was playing and really "feel" the music. He laughed of course, but I can tell you as someone who listened to him daily that after I told him that, he got better, much better.

So after reading the article below on learning to feel Elliott Waves, try and understand that when you can truly feel something you are learning or experiencing, you'll have a better understanding and really "get it".

When You FEEL the Elliott Waves, Your Eyes Become Wide Open
How the waves of social mood led to an investment method worth looking into
February 24, 2011
By Elliott Wave International

Have you ever been at the ocean body surfing, just waiting for that perfect wave? When you begin to truly feel it, your adrenaline starts pumping.

I came to work for Elliott Wave International in the late 1980s -- before the Internet, before ETFs, before smartphones. Part of my job was to review the many publications that came to our offices, in search of articles that spoke to the "mood" of the markets.

It was a task that constantly searched for an answer to the question, Is there a large cluster of articles in print right now to indicate that people are extremely "bullish" or "bearish"? At that time my searches related mostly to the commodities markets, but I also kept close tabs on stock market news.

At first it was tedious. When I found groups of articles that reflected a certain mood, I would clip and save them to a file for our analysts to review. Yet after several months, I actually began to develop a feel for the mood patterns in the articles. I started to use this to see if I could anticipate where the price trend would go over the next several days or weeks.

The idea was simple: When the mood in the news articles got extremely bullish – and our Elliott wave counts suggested that a rally was completed -- it would often represent a downside opportunity; when that mood became deeply gloomy, it was usually time to get bullish.

I was amazed -- my adrenaline was pumping. I actually started to get a feel for the waves -- a feeling for the direction of the market! I was hooked, so I took it to the next level.

I had read Prechter and Frost’s Elliott Wave Principle – Key to Market Behavior before I interviewed for my position. It was interesting, but it didn’t really speak to me. But after I had personally experienced and understood what it means to feel the mood of the markets, I read it again. The second time took on a whole new meaning.

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