Long Term Investing at a Discount

Long Term Investing requires a plan, specifically crafted to carefully select individual stocks or other types of investment instruments to hold for the long haul.

Long Term Investing Guide

This plan requires you to determine what requirements must be met for the specific stock to be worthy of your selection. This may include stocks you consider a good value, increasing or consistent Dividend payouts, specific earnings expectations or any of many other characteristics you decide is right for you.

One of the things many people try and determine is if the stock is a good value at the time of their consideration. This is done to try and buy a stock when it is under valued, with the expectations that it is actually worth more then it is currently being offered for, and that it will increase in value in the future to at least its current projected worth.

This may seem like common sense, but many people randomly buy stocks on news or something they read, without considering what the actual value is.

Another thing many people consider when trying to select long term investing positions is whether the company has been profitable, and what kind of track record in earnings they have. One way a company can express its earnings is to issue a portion of those earnings as a Dividend to its shareholders. They do this to show strength and attract investors who may be willing to stay with the company for the long haul, just what long term investing individuals may be looking for.

Investing in companies such as McDonald's, Altria, Paychex, Chevron and Pfizer are some examples of dividend paying stocks that many people consider. When adding a dividend paying paying stock to a long term investing portfolio, you are counting on the dividend and the potential for long term capital appreciation as well.

What if there was another way to increase your long term earnings with these same stocks that you have already selected? For example, what if you could lower your cost for each position over time and collect dividends and potential capital appreciation. Well, you can.

The problem is that most places to learn about long term investing are hard to come by. Most of what you will find are either get rich quick methods/schemes or long term investing ideas, but not how to "maximize returns while long term investing."

Here's a great solution I have found for anyone who would rather maximize their returns over the long term: a highly recommended 130+ page Ebook "The Essential Leveraged Investing Guide".

With The Essential Leveraged Investing Guide you'll learn:
  • How to acquire quality stock at a significant discount
  • How to grow and maintain your own Mega Dividend
  • How to achieve the benefits of dividend growth investing even if there are no dividend increases
  • How to manually and repeatedly increase the dividend yield on your long term stock holdings
  • How to generate additional returns on your portfolio
  • How to select the best long term investments
  • Why mutual funds in general are a terrible investment
  • Why you should NEVER sell your high quality stocks
  • Why the purchase price of a stock is far more important than the selling price, and how to adjust that purchase price to your advantage repeatedly over time
  • Why successful investing is superior to successful trading
  • Why Leveraged Investing gets easier over time
  • The 3 types of powerful returns available to investors, but not to traders
  • The 3 major drawbacks to trading
  • The qualities that comprise a great company.
  • The one characteristic ALL successful businesses share
  • The essential way to view options - and the 2 important benefits you gain by doing so
  • The 2 core tenets of Leveraged Investing and why adhering to them will have profound wealth-building consequences
  • The #1 Rule for investing success

The next page provides a long overview of what is actually being provided in this ebook so that you know up front what you're getting. Find out all of the details of the Essential Investing Investing Guide here:

Long Term Investing Guide

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