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Market Club is an all-in-one trading package that provides a suite of tools and educational material to assist you in becoming a profitable trader. It can be used for Stocks, Futures, Forex, Mutual Funds and ETF's.

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Many Traders find their proprietary algorithm called "Trade Triangle", used in a scanning process, to be one of their most impressive tools offered. Trade Triangles are automatically placed on a chart during a scanning process all done behind the scenes for you. Simply pull up the chart you want and click a button to show the Trade Triangles, that's all there is to it.

Not only can you keep track of and scan your own portfolio of stocks, the Trade Triangle scanning goes on throughout the day and any new signals in the market get added to a list that gets updated automatically.

You can also use the scanner to run many different types of scans such as 52 week high; 52 week low; short term down trend; short term up trend; 1 week high; 4 week high as well as optional parameters to choose from for your own custom scan.

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The Trade Triangles are green and red signals representing a change in the trend of the market. By following their guidelines, you will be able to increase your odds of forecasting near term and long term trends in the market depending on the chart time frame you are using.

Take a look at the chart below which shows what the Trade Triangles would look like on an actual chart. You can see that clear buy and sell signals are given without any emotion or guessing involved.

Market Club Chart Sample

In addition to the Trade Triangle technology, this service comes with advanced charting capabilities including multiple time frame analysis, real time data feeds, trade alerts, portfolio management tools and educational material that includes audio and PDF file workbooks from successful trader seminars.

Market Club helps you by funnelling out the "noise" in the markets and seeking out trend reversals for you and helping to provide supporting analysis for confirming those trend reversals. The trend reversals it will seek out are designed to help swing traders and longer term investors.

Here's a link to another page on my site with details of a successful trade I made using Market Club to select the stock for this particular trade: Intraday Trade TAP.

In conclusion, Market Club provides advanced, easy to understand trading tools that can help give you an advantage many traders don't have.

Depending on your trading style, using their technology to identify and confirm trends and trend reversals can help you get, and stay in positions without relying on your emotions. Many times a trader will get out of a position only to only to get right back in because they aren't sure if they made the right decision. Market Club will help you determine when a trend ends and begins again so there is no guessing.

Give Market Club a try today. They have a 30 day risk free free trial and with all of the information and tools they offer you, you could easily make your money back for the monthly subscription fee in one trade.

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