Is The Meltdown In Greece a Sign of Further Pressure on The Euro?


What do you think- is the meltdown in Greece a sign of further pressure on the Euro?


First news of debt concerns in Greece arose. Then talk of a bailout emerged. Then rumors of the same bailout became, well possible rumors, or at least not going to work out without specific sacrifices.

Then debt concerns came into the spotlight for Spain and Portugal, with Spain getting it's rating cut.

What about Ireland, Italy and the U.K. or other countries that have exposure to one's that now have debt problems?

Looks like a domino effect is beginning, or already has begun. How far will it expand to before it gets under control?

If you are an active trader or swing trader who is involved with trading Forex or ETF's to take advantage of moves in the Euro and/or U.S. Dollar, trying to determine what's in store is definitely on your mind lately.

Luckily, the video accessible below show you how trading signals over the last several years have been very profitable regardless of the direction of these currencies. With a signal recently given, now's the time to take a closer look.

Euro/Dollar, the most commonly traded Forex pair, is always a a hot subject. Throw in the meltdown of Greece and 5,200+ pip profit and you have Adams latest video below.

Things have been bad in Europe recently. Between the travel restrictions due to the volcano and ash, as well as Greece not wanting to conform to strict fiscal policies, problems are adding up and adding weight onto the euro.

It is interesting to note that in the beginning of 2010, everyone was bearish on the dollar. Looking at the market action alone we could see that the dollar has done very well vis--vis the euro. This is where technical analysis shines as it is an unbiased viewpoint of the collective wisdom of all market participants.

Greece Debt Problems and the Euro

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