Momentum Analysis Using MACD Trading Lesson

Today's trading lesson provides some insight into momentum analysis using MACD (the moving average convergence-divergence technical indicator) and contains a breif article, tutorial video and accompanying free technical indicator report.

The MACD technical indicator is displayed either above or below an actual stock chart (usually below) and consists of several parts. Typical settings (which can be adjusted if desired) include the MACD line itself which consists of the 12 Day EMA (Exponential Moving Average) minus the 26 Day EMA, a 9 Day EMA Signal line and a MACD Histogram (which displays the difference between the MACD and the Signal line).

Signals are generally given when the MACD crosses the Signal Line but beware that there are good and bad signals using this particular indicator (as with just about all indicators). Check out the video below and accompanying free limited time technical indicator report to learn more:

Momentum Analysis Using MACD

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