The Power of Elliott Wave Analysis in Real-Time

Seeing the power of Elliott Wave analysis in real-time is fascinating. The video below along with the additional video, displays a great example of how using this form of Techncial Analysis can help to accurately make forecasts.

From the very first time I began to learn about Elliott Wave patterns, and to this day, it always amazes me how accurate the patterns can be as well as how frequently they can be observed.

This video will help introduce and/or help visualize, its true power.

Mainstream financial analysts always look for ways to explain market action through news stories and events. Conventional wisdom states that news and inter-market correlations cause market booms and busts, but such explanations rely on selective presentation of the data. In this video, Elliott Wave International's Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast Editor Mark Galasiewski shows you how Elliott wave analysis was able to predict Hong Kong's late '90s mania and its aftermath in real time -- without looking at the news or the market's "fundamentals."

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Discover how Elliott wave analysis gives you a consistently logical explanation -- and debunk one of the major myths of what caused the Asian Financial Crisis -- in the free video, "The Real-Time Power of Elliott Wave Analysis: Debunking the Myths of the Asian Financial Crisis." Access Your FREE Video Now.

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