Prechter's Perspective on Stocks

In a recent interview with CNBC host Maria Bartiromo, Robert Prechter provides his current perspective on stocks.

Yes, we all know, or most of us, that Robert Prechter is a so called Perma-Bear when it comes to the financial markets, but sometimes listening to what other people have to say can open your eyes to what's going on around you.

If people (brokers, mutual fund managers, stock pickers, etc.) want you to buy stocks for whatever their reasons may be (adding to their own profits, more commissions, able to sell as prices move higher), they're not going to start pointing out many negative scenarios.

The video below has Robert Prechter and his current perspective on stocks, and links to a free report from Elliott Wave International on various markets as described below.

Prechter on CNBC: Prechter's Perspective on Stocks

Robert Prechter joins host Maria Bartiromo on CNBC's Closing Bell to talk about his bearish forecast for stocks and offer investment advice.

FREE Report: 20 Questions with Robert Prechter
Noted financial commentator Jim Puplava asks Robert Prechter tough questions about fiat currency, gold, the Fed, the Great Depression, financial bubbles, government intervention and how to protect your money -- and even profit -- in today's environment. Read Prechter's candid answers for FREE now. Access the 20-page report here.

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