Stock Market For Beginners

Those of you browsing the internet to learn about the stock market for beginners should be prepared for the unexpected, and more.

I'm here to tell you things you may not find anywhere else, so please read on... at least this page of my website.

As you begin on your journey to learn about stocks and stock trading, you're going to come across many, many websites that are only after one thing - your hard earned money.

Stock market for beginners

BTW: I have almost 400 pages of content on my website to help as many people out as best I can, and it's all available for free at this time.

Back to your journey thru the stock market for beginners - here are some examples of what I mean and to watch out for and that I have come across myself on my own journey:

  • Some sites may be from people who have merely copied information from other sites without permission, and have zero first hand experience in the stock market. These people only have the sites to try and make money for THEMSELVES.
  • Other sites may look and sound great, and yet the people who own or run the sites may have past SEC charges that were filed against them, and some have even paid fines from being involved in illegal activities related to investing.
  • You may come across some sites that have partnership arrangements with additional related companies that are not trustworthy and only partners because of the potential income possibilities for the website owner you're frequenting.
  • Some site owners lose track of their original intentions of helping others and join in these untrustworthy partnership arrangements without thinking about their visitors, because they are only thinking about money for themselves.

These are only a few of the things to be on the watch for. There are many, many more, and I'm not trying to scare anyone here, only to help make people aware of what's out there.

Some people may disagree with me by mentioning all of these things up front, but I am convinced that if I know about various possible outcomes before I get myself into a situation and what's out there, that I'll be better off because I was prepared ahead of time.

Some people will say to let your guard down sometimes, but by doing so when it comes to the stock market, you're putting yourself exactly in the position that some of these types of people I mentioned above are looking for. They know that when they find you, they can make some money.

On the bright side, there are also many great websites out there to learn about the stock market for beginners. Over the years I have come across many myself. Throughout this website you'll see me sharing them and/or what I have learned from them with readers of my website.

As far as Online Stock Trading Guide and I go, I cannot promise to be able to provide everything that everyone is looking for. That would be not only impossible, but not true as well. If I did promise such a thing, I would be putting myself into a new category above as what to look out for.

What you will find throughout this website is information, tips and resources about the stock market for beginners as well as more experienced traders and investors, that I feel will help at least some of the readers of this website at one point or another. If I find information or a partner relationship that I have to be misleading at any time, it will be removed.

It is my sincere desire to help as many people as I can throughout their journey. If I can be of help at all with any stock trading related topics, feel free to send in your comments using my contact form, and I'll get back with you as soon as possible.

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