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As a trader or investor, you'll need to understand about performing Stock Market research before making an investment decision ... unless of course, you like to close your eyes and throw darts to pick your stocks! (Just kidding)

The process of understanding how to do your own research for buying stocks consists of learning many different things, similar to if you were to take courses in college for example.

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I've put together a listing of material on Online Stock Trading Guide (and will continue to add to it as I add more material) that can help get you started learning about several different methods of performing stock market research, also known as stock analysis:

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  • Using a stock screener to find stocks that are meeting certain parameters.
  • Keeping up with earnings season and news surrounding a particular stock or industry such as knowing when Earnings Announcements are.
  • Similar to above, keeping up with potential market moving reports by following an economic calendar on a regular basis.
  • Learning about Analyst recommendations and whether or not to follow them.
  • Tracking SEC Filings to follow insider transactions or major investments in a particular company.
  • Using stock charts to perform Technical Analysis based on known technical indicators or theories such as the Elliott Wave Principle.
  • Use a stock trading software program that performs the technical analysis for you.
  • Performing Fundamental Analysis of a company by looking at its financial information, seeing how it fares against its competitors, how the general market sector it belongs to is doing, and how its management is doing.
  • Where Can You Find An Earnings Report? Knowing where you can find an earnings report will allow you to further research and perform fundamental analysis on a specific stock.
  • Doing Quantitative Analysis, which is much more complex and involves only using numbers to make decisions to buy or sell a stock, ignoring any news or information about the business itself.
  • And of course, improving your personal stock market education by reading websites like this one, reading stock market books, and even watching DVD's or Stock Trading Videos if you prefer.
  • Bid and Ask Prices - Are They Accurate? Ever see a wide range of price quotes at any given time for a stock? If so, then you may have wondered the same thing. Let's take a closer look here.

Many traders and investors use one, or a combination, of the above stock market research methods in their trading plan or system. The more knowledge in any or all of them you have, the more successful you will be at stock trading or investing.

At the very least, you should know that anyone can go to the finance sections of websites on Google, Yahoo or MSN and look up basic information on any particular public company. Just go to the open box that says "quotes" or "symbol lookup" next to it, and type in the name of the company. You can then go to the summary page for that company and find all kinds of information.

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