Getting Started Using a Stock Screener

A Stock Screener is a great tool available to help you select stocks based on specific criteria, either pre-set or selected by the user of the screener itself.

Sometimes you will see the term used "Stock Scan" or "Stock Scanner" which is essentially the same thing.

Some screeners are set up to run in the background of existing programs you are using, while others only run when you click on something to activate the query.

Yet others such as Market Club go one step further, by running continuously throughout the day even while you are not logged in using the actual program yourself.

Since every trader and investor may have varied criteria for their selections, trying several of them to see what works best for you will likely be required.

User-Set Stock Screen Websites

Pre-Set Stock Screen Websites

Some of the sites above such as and Stock Fetcher have pre-set screens for specifc patterns in addition to technical indicator based screens.

In addition to the above screeners, many trading platforms have a built in Stock Screener that can be used for intraday screening as well. I will frequently run one of mine to see what stocks are big gainers or losers for the day and ones that gap up or down at the open for possible trading opportunities.

Market Club has a built in program that will scan for many pre-set parameters as well as for their "Smart Scan Trade Triangle Technology" which you can set up to send you email alerts when new signals are triggered. This is very helpful because it allows you to work on other things while the scanning goes on behind the scenes for you.

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