Sample Stock Trades

Looking back at specific stock trades is a great way to understand what things worked in the past, and therefore have the possibility of working again in the future.

This section will have examples added to provide views of different trading scenarios that come about.

Many of the trading examples you find here will be based on looking for and being aware of, support and resistance levels.

Once you are aware of these levels, you can then add specific technical indicators that you learn about to further refine your trading system.

By combining a few things to look for, you will increase your chances of having consistent profitable trades.

Just don't go overboard and start looking for too many indicators at once. Try giving simplicity a try and see what happens.

The goal of examining sample stock trades is to help you start to see patterns of things in real time trading that you have seen from examples such as these.

One you gain enough experience or knowledge, you will see that similar chart patterns repeat over and over again and can be recognized with enough practice, skill and sometimes luck.

Besides using these, you can use your own trading examples as well. To do this, after you have closed out a position, print off a chart that shows the time period from at least when you got in the trade, through the time when you got out of the specific trade. You can then do an analysis to see what you may have missed that could help you improve next time.

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