Stock Trading Books

Here are a few Stock Trading books I have read and found useful over the years. You'll also find books that I have read good reviews on and feel may be helpful.

If you have any books that you have read and found helpful in your own Stock Trading or Investing experiences, feel free to send in the name of the book, the author and your short review. I will look over any that are submitted and consider adding it to the list below to share with other traders like ourselves.

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Reading and learning from Stock Trading books is an important part of being a successful trader. Don't make the same mistake I have in the past by putting it off until later. I have had books in my bookcase for years before I got around to reading them, only to find out what I have been doing wrong for years was detailed in those same books.

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Elliott Wave Books

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Conquer the Crash Book
Elliott Wave Gold and Silver Book

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