The Euro Hits Resistance 07/01/2010

The Euro hits resistance as it approaches its 50 Day Moving Average for the 4th time on it's current longer term trend.

The video analysis below, provided by Market Club, takes a look at previous triggers that signaled the current downtrend as well as showing how the Euro hits resistance once again while approaching its 50 Day Moving Average recently.

You'll notice in the video that on several different occasions on the current downtrend, the same thing has happened - a pullback as it approached this area.

This is a good exercie is seeing how prices can react at areas of resistance using Moving Averages.

Adam also mentions what their Trade Triangles are currently signaling, and what he believes may be coming in the near term for this market. Enjoy the video.

The Euro Makes a Stand

After dipping just below the 1.20 level, the euro had a brief rally that pushed this currency back up to the 1.24/1.25 area. This corrective rally did not change the longer-term outlook for this market.

The Euro

In this new short video (less than two minutes in length), you'll see our updated thinking on this currency.

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