Versatility of the Wave Principle

Understanding the versatility of the Wave Principle will allow you to apply Elliott Wave technical analysis on various markets, using multiple timeframes.

Many of us have our own preference of markets and timeframes that we like to trade, so once you see examples of Elliott Wave analysis in action you'll understand and hopefully be able to apply it for your own unique situation.

For example, you can apply these techniques using 1 minute, hourly, daily or monthly timeframes on a chart, it doesn't matter. You can also apply these techniques using stock indices, single stocks, oil, gold, sugar, etc. The possibilities for use are many.

Since Elliott Wave is based on crowd psychology, the more people participating in a specific market, the more accurate the results will be.

Video: The Versatility of the Wave Principle
Timeless Trading Lesson

In the video below, EWI senior analyst and trading instructor Jeffrey Kennedy shows how the Wave Principle can help you identify a high-probability trade set up regardless of the direction of the larger trend.

This timeless educational video was taken from Jeffrey's renowned Trader's Classroom series and is being re-released because of its valuable lesson. If a few minutes isn't enough, get more FREE practical trading lessons from Jeffrey Kennedy in his latest eBook.

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