What Should I Do With My Stock?

A frequent question I receive via our contact form is "What should I do with my stock?", along with each individual's details about the stock they own shares of, when they purchased and sometimes even more.

As much as I'd like to help everyone out, Online Stock Trading Guide is not a licensed financial advisor and cannot tell anyone what to do with their investments.

There is so much to learn in regards to stock trading and investing and this site exists to help provide as much educational information as possible that I've learned from my own personal experiences and the experience of any contributing authors.

There are over 500 articles on the site as of January, 2012 with educational information on topics such as: order types, technical analysis, margin account, cash account, different types of stock charts, managing risk, different stock trading strategies and more, but all of the topics found are provided to help you make your own decisions.

What should I do with my stock

If at any time you really want to ask "What should I do with my stock?", there are options available to you: 1) you can speak with a live broker at your brokerage account or open an account with a firm that has a broker you trust or 2) you can subscribe to a paid service that details individual trades and positions and you can follow along with those trades if you have confidence in them or their track record.

Many traders and investors make their own decisions with their portfolio but there are also many investors who trust a broker to provide recommendations to them as well. Remember that in most cases a broker only provides "recommendations" and you'll ultimately be the one making the final decision as whether or not to go along with them or not. The decision of "What should I do with my stock?" is still made by you, a broker can just help guide you along the way because they are licensed to do so.

I know even after posting this article I'll still receive the same question again, but know that I cannot advise or tell you what to do with your personal trading or investing holdings. The last thing I want is for a stranger to be angry with me for being wrong just for providing a recommendation and trying to help out.

As a final though to consider and an important one at that, if you find yourself in a position wanting to ask anyone "What should I do with my stock?", it's time to realize that maybe you shouldn't be trading to begin with, yet. One of the commonalities of successful traders and investors is having a plan, or system, in place that pre-determines when a position should be closed out as well as managing the position as a whole. In other words, you should know when you will close out a position before you open one to begin with.

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