Where Can You Find An Earnings Report?

Question: Where can you find an earnings report on specific companies while doing research on stocks?

Good question. While some traders don't make it a habit to read up on earnings reports, learning where to find them and sometimes more importantly when they will be released, can be helpful.

For longer term Swing Trading and Long Term Investing, taking the steps to read up on company financial information and performing some type of fundamental analysis prior to entering a new position may be a wise choice.

After all, the last thing you want to do is enter a swing trade or long term position in a stock when a company just released their earnings report, and mentioned that they are lowering their earnings guidance for the next several quarters.

Anyway, there are many places where you can find an earnings report and do further research on specific stocks. Here are a few (in no specific order nor preference):

  • Yahoo Finance Earnings Calendar
    A good, simple to use earnings release calendar searchable by day.
  • SEC Website
    You can go directly to the SEC website and search for any filings on any publicly traded company that is required to file such forms. You can search here by company and/or form type among other things. 10-Q is a Quarterly Earnings report and a 10-K is an Annual Earnings report.
  • Yahoo Finance SEC Filings
    By going to a specific company stock on Yahoo Finance, you can click on the "SEC Filings" link in the left column which will take you to a history of forms that have been filed. Look for a "10-Q" which is a "Quarterly Earnings" report, or a "10-K" which is an "Annual Earnings" report.
  • Briefing.com
    Provides earnings data as well as other financial and stock related news including subscription based services.
  • Earnings.com
    Earnings.com provides earnings and other financial data and is powered by Thompson Reuters.

Some of the links above only provide Earnings estimates as well as results, not the actual reports themselves. To read up on the actual reports, you'll have to go to the links above for the "SEC Website" or "Yahoo Finance SEC Filings".

Many brokerage accounts will have research capabilities for customers to access these reports also, although some low cost brokers may charge additional fees for this. The links above all have free information available.

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